Almost two years ago I became a mom for the first time at the age of 40. I didn’t think having kids was possible. We had tried to get pregnant for almost three years.

After one failed IVF attempt and a long plane ride next to a very cranky toddler, I decided that I didn’t need or want to have kids. Kids weren’t for me — I’ll just travel the world with my wonderful musician husband and live a different life, a “better” life, is what I told myself. Three months later, after having a mini-emotional breakdown because my coffee didn’t taste quite right, I discovered I was pregnant.

A few months after my son was born, I finally realized what the baby making fuss was all about and why people actually want to have kids and a family. At the age of 40, after two decades of living an adult life where I was the center of the universe, I finally got it. Having a child makes your heart explode with an incredible love that you just can’t experience in any other way — a love, affection and joy so strong. A love beyond words. Of course along with that comes pain, worry, frustration, exhaustion, frantic juggling, crying, exhaustion and did I mention the exhaustion?

I have always been a seeker on a search for truth, health, meaning and happiness, whatever that may mean. Whether it was through yoga, meditation, knowledge, turmeric lattes, or the fun new lunch spot in my neighborhood, I was on a journey to better myself. With a child, the road has shifted a bit, but now I am learning how to be the best “mommy” possible and how to create a healthy and happy life for my son. Of course, since he’s a Scorpio he might have a mind of his own, but that will be part of the fun, I hope (gulp)?! In any case, I want to share my discoveries along the way in this blog.

I’m sure many of you are also learning how to be be the best mommy possible, and I hope you will contribute too.

Looking forward to creating health, wellness and prosperity with you!