There is one way to save money each week on groceries, that I’ve been avoiding. It requires two my weakest talents: planning and coordination.

save money on groceries

Mostly, I like to be spontaneous. I can’t plan anything too far in advance. How will I know what I want to do in three weeks, let alone in three hours? Thank goodness my husband loves to make all our vacation plans, or we would never leave our town.

But I’ve recently had to change my ways when it came to supermarket shopping. Each week, I was packing up my cart with whatever l felt we needed in our fridge, and tummies, in the moment. I was going to the store 3-4 times a week, dumping pounds of groceries into my cart without thinking twice.

My super market spontaneity lead to shopping bills up to $300 a week. But who is counting really? Well, I should be and now I am. My new plan involves planning my meals each week and shopping specifically for them. Here’s an example this week:

Monday Night
Salmon, spinach and rice

Tuesday Night
Balsamic chicken crock pot

Wednesday Night
Beef stew and pasta

Thursday Night
Acorn squash veggie night

Friday Night
I haven’t planned that far and maybe there will be leftovers?

For lunches, we go light:

    • Salad, cheese, peanut, almond butter, hummus sandwiches, chicken sausages, omelets.
    • Pesto pasta salad, which isn’t so light but we can’t get enough of. The pesto is from Costco and is so tasty. I also usually use a healthier pasta made of quinoa and corn, so that counts for something.

By getting specific about what I’m going to buy for each meal, I’m going to slash our grocery bill in half to $150 a week. There, I said it. This strategy worked last week so I’m keeping it up! I’m even having fun with my new shopping plan. It’s like a Price is Right game, even though I never watched the show, but it sounds like it could be fitting.

See a little coordination can’t hurt? Just don’t ask me to plan our wardrobe budgets or cut out coupons. Not ready for that yet!