Another year has flown by and in about a month we will be dancing like it’s 2018, while a ball drops. Well, actually I’ll be dancing in my dreams, as my bedtime is 9pm these days.

The days feel so slow, yet time is racing— if we’re not aware. At the same time sometimes feel like I’ve done nothing productive all year, compared to um, my two-year-old.

In a year, my boy has learned to walk, eat, talk, sing and ride a scooter like a pro. He’s made friends, started school and even plays the ukulele. Well, sort of. It’s amazing how far he has come in just 12 months.

As adults, our achievements are still plenty, even though they might not feel like huge milestones. Can you look back and remember any differences in your life between last year and today?

In this past year,
– I started writing.
– I wrote a hand full of songs and performed them at a show.
– I got more in shape and lost my baby weight.
– My relationship with my husband got deeper, and we argue much less.
– I made new mom friends who I like a lot.
– I’ve also cooked about 900 meals and that’s no small task!

These achievements may seem like small potatoes, but they are a big deal for me. What does your list look like?

Whether you’ve been up, down or sideways, be proud of yourselves for making the most of another year. Pat yourself on the backs, mamas! Though not too hard, I know how that upper neck pain feels these days.

One of the biggest achievements we can make is to be happy and content, no matter what we do in our lives. Whether we are a big star on Broadway, a small business owner or mom on the go. Where we are now is exactly where we need to be, and is enough.

Also remember that no achievement brings us happiness. But the opposite is true. Our happiness brings about our achievement and creates success. In any case, our need to achieve also keeps our heads constantly in the future as opposed to being present now. When we live in the now, we appreciate all our gifts and milestones big and small, the hours in the day seem perfectly timed.

Tonight I’m going to a holiday party with other moms I’ve met this year. We will be putting our sparkly party dresses on, eating a fine meal that we didn’t have to prepare and toasting to all our gifts and achievements. I will be sending you lots of cheers and kudos too! Happy holidays and New Year, everyone!