Last night we were surprised and excited when our friend invited us to the opening of a new show on Broadway called, Once On This Island. My husband and I haven’t been out as a couple in weeks, and the last time we’ve been to a show together was over a year ago.

romantic night out ideas

Why did we wait so long? It was so nice to get out — just the two of us, and not discuss our toddler son, who we love so much, but need a break from too! We actually got to discuss art, theater and wine, without haven’t to stop to sing Old McDonald. It was very refreshing!

Going on date nights seems like the simplest and greatest idea. You find a sitter you like and pick a date in your calendar to do something exciting with your partner. How hard is that? Still so many of us find it difficult to get it together and put aside all our mommy and daddy duties to be a fun wife and husband too.

Just the other day my mom friend, who is a busy doctor and who’s husband is a pilot, decided to have a sitter watch their girl a couple hours during the day so they could go out to lunch at a restaurant they’ve been meaning to try for years. They used to go out for dinner once a week together before their girl was born. But in two years, they’ve been out on a date maybe two times at the most! “You really have to make an effort to create time together, or it just won’t happen. You get into this routine and hustle and simply forget about each other and your time together as a couple.” he said. There’s no doubt that finding time for romance, strengthens that love-connection—ending many potential arguments and conflicts too.

He said they now are committed to making a plan at least once a month. Once a month sounds like a life time for many couples. Most of the moms I know try to have a date night once every couple of weeks. But we all do what’s possible!

Here are some ways to make planning romantic time with your partner easier:

Sync your Google calendars. It’s so hard to keep up with your schedules. When my husband and I synced up our google calendars on our computers and phones, it was life-changing. We now know exactly where we will be and when—and I don’t have to be that annoying person constantly asking him what he’s doing tomorrow! Now we just plug in dates together easily at the click of a mouse.

Commit to a sitter. Sitters need schedules just like we do. Have your sitter booked in advance weekly, bi weekly or monthly. This way, you don’t have to think twice about planning that date. It’s set in the calendar and your sitter is onboard.

Try a date day. A stay at home dad recently recommended that we go away for a few hours during the day, versus the evening. There are so many more things you can do during the day. You can head to the city, go shopping, find a day spa, enjoy a nice walk in the park!

Make a date bucket list. Think big and put a list together of the most amazing things you can do together. OK taking off to Thailand might be a bit much at this point. But what have you always wanted to do? There’s no better time. Put your list together and cross it off one by one each month.

Getting back to our evening, the show, Once On This Island was beautiful, the set was magical and the talent was amazing. It was about a peasant girl who dreams of a better life and falls in love with a man in a higher social class, on the other side of the island. I loved every second of it—especially being transported into another world. We were also invited to the after party at the Copacabana which was a treat. After a few sips of my vodka soda, we started dancing away and I could have gone all night if I was living in another time and wasn’t a mommy with a 6am wake up call!

Still, my husband and I loved our special night out, where we got to connect again, and enjoy some time together again. When the clock struck 12, We were home again, cuddling in our bed and feeling rejuvenated, ready and excited to see our boy in the morning. Unlike the girl in the show, I don’t need a better life. I love the life we created. We just need more moments like these.