This is part two of Getaway Moms. Back to our story …

My mom friend and I are sitting by a beautiful fireplace in our white robes at the spa, waiting for our massages, while talking about the rampant sexual abuse in our world. Yes, we got deep too, people. It wasn’t all drinks, zen and giggles—though mostly it was.

Mid sentence into our conversation about a friend who was raped by her boyfriend, my masseuse enters. A tall, broad shouldered man with big muscles and a shaven head. I turn to my friend and gasp.

But it was all fine! This big man masseuse gave me a great massage, easing every last bit of tension I had felt. The 50 minutes felt like 20, and it was all perfect.

After enjoying our grapes and coconut water by the fire, which was our happy ending, it was time to leave the spa and head to dinner. By that point, I started to remember my little family back home. O.K., I started to miss that crazy and cute, curly haired toddler of mine like crazy, and was just hoping he wasn’t miserable with out me. My friend admitted she was missing her sweet little girl and husband too. “I wonder what they are doing now?!” we asked ourselves.

Then after our about five minutes we came to our senses, went to our hotel room, which was facing a gorgeous lake, put on some make up and and got ready for our three-course meal in a gorgeous dinning hall.

Our detective friend must have hooked us up, because we were seated by the window overlooking that lake again. We had a delicious dinner with yummy salmon, scallops, seafood linguini, lobster bisque, chocolate cake and more wine, of course.

Our bedtime was approaching: 9pm. I felt like Cinderella but we had to get to bed early and leave by 6am! My friend’s husband needed to get to work so that was the deal. We stopped by the live holiday band on the way to our room, listened to an sweet version of Silver Bells while watching old and young couples slow dance, then headed to our room for an uninterrupted night of sleep. Halleluyah!

Sometimes a mom just needs to getaway—whether for an hour or 24 hours, whether it’s planned or just unfolds on its own perfectly. If we can’t check in to ourselves and check out as mommy and wife from time to time, we are no good to anyone. As much as it’s hard to grasp, you have to come first. There’s a reason why they make you put your gas mask on before your baby on a plane! Without a well-rested, happy you, no one is going to make it.

Our spa getaway was just what I needed to recharge and regroup, and at the same time it helped me appreciate my days and nights with my toddler and husband even more. On our ride home, I couldn’t wait to open the door to my apartment and hug my little guy. He was crying for me when I saw him and this time it was legitimate, but he had been fine overall when I was away. My husband and toddler bonded on a new level and they had a wonderful time together. I need to do this more often, my husband said. Yes, I do, and yes we can!