I said goodbye to my husband and child yesterday morning and decided it was time to leave … and head to the spa with a mom friend! I was so excited I could hardly walk, so I ran out the door instead. We were driving an hour and a half north to New Paltz to an incredible historic resort called Mohonk Mountain House.

Our massage appointments were for 12pm. Then we would have lunch and lounge in a heated mineral pool. Pure bliss. Well, it was supposed to be an hour and a half drive, but we started chatting and got so caught up in our conversations that we missed an exit. We looked at each other with broken smiles when our Mapquest time estimate went from 20 minutes to 50 minutes, which would mean we would miss our heavenly massages.

Our spa day was just about to come to a terrible end. That is until, we went into mommy-fix-it-mode and called the hotel demanding and then begging, along with some fake crying, to have our appointments rescheduled. Somehow we were persuasive because they moved our appointment to 5:30pm. Non-emergency averted.

Our ride continued and my friend, who was driving, started to get a little anxious. “I can’t drive these roads at night! There are no lights. Where are we again? This is making me uncomfortable. We are just going to have to stay over!” she said. “Stay over? My boy can’t sleep without me. He calls me through the night and wakes up crying for me. I can’t not be there for him!” I fake cried some more.

“That’s exactly why you need to stay over.” She said. I shrugged and thought about it for 30 seconds, “Good point. Done! We are staying over.” Our spa escape was really on the upswing now. Of course we still had to check in with our husbands and see if a room was available, but that was besides the point.

Finally we arrived to our spa destination and it felt like we rolled up to a rustic, royal dream estate from the 1800’s. It was huge and grande. Yes, we could have taken a tour and explore this gorgeous property, but we briskly walked straight to the lounge and ordered proseccos instead. Priorities people.

Our drinks and crab cakes had us forget where we came from. “Where do we live? Hubby and child who? Why are those kids crying over there? Silence them please!” we thought. We shared fun stories about our lives, like the time I got a two-hour massage in Thailand and was offered more than just grapes and coconut water when it was over. We laughed, we shared, we ate and we drank more.

Now we were ready to find out if a room was available. Only this resort was known to be expensive, up to $800 a night! That’s was way beyond our stay-at-home-mom budgets so we needed a plan. We would go up to the concierge, explain our Mapquest mishap and be witty and charming. If all else fails, more fake crying?

My friend goes up to one of the ladies at the front desk and starts the conversation by saying something like, “Is there anyway we can stay here tonight without having to give you our life savings?!” Not sure that went over well, but next thing we know is that some ex-NYC detective with a thick Boston accent sees us and says he can help. When the lady from the counter walks away, he tells us that his girlfriend just left him and he can’t wait to find another job in Florida where he can hang in the sun and play golf, and that most people at the resort raise their eyebrows around him, but to mention his name everywhere we go to get special treatment. Then he asks the lady to come back with a specially priced room just for us.

The room was still expensive but it was a nice discount, so we wen’t for it. We booked it, never mentioned that man’s name again and the rest was spa history. We spent the next three-hours going from outdoor mineral pool, to eucalyptus stream room, to sauna, to yummy couches by a fire place. We then snoozed on the most comfortable chaise lounge chairs.

At that point, I was relaxed and excited at the same time, waiting for the pinnacle of our spa day, our massage. It was almost 5:30pm and it was finally happening!

To be continued …