The other morning I caught my husband giving me the stink eye after something I said. “Is that your Larry David look?” I asked. We started watching episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm and I think the show is rubbing off on us. All of a sudden, I’m noticing the Larry David in us all — and how so many things in life can really annoy us.


For example if I really wanted to, I could be disturbed at all the toddlers who never respond to my child when he says hello. My child is pretty friendly and likes to greet everyone. Where are these other toddlers’ manners? Why don’t their parents teach them to be kinder?

I could get angry with the woman at Costco who basically cut me in line the other day and had over 30 items, while I only had 3. This should be a Costco violation. I know you’re supposed to buy in bulk, but isn’t there an express line here?

I could snap at the ladies at the pediatrician’s office because we always have to wait at least 40 minutes to see a doctor. How could they make a toddler wait like this? How long can we stare at a fish tank? O.K. I actually gave the ladies at the front desk some attitude and now I get Larry David stink eye looks whenever we are back.

Even my little boy is catching on. He loves to repeat the message on his toy Sesame Street phone over and over again, “Have a Rotten Day!” imitating Oscar the grouch. His friendly demeanor might be taking a turn for the worst thanks to his version of Larry D..

A long time ago, a coach told me, “What you focus on grows.” She explained, “If you focus on the negative around you, you will just get more of that in your life.”

At the time, I walked around feeling like a sour puss. I was depressed that I wasn’t in a real relationship and was working at a job I didn’t love. Instead of feeling whole, I felt less than all the time. But when I started shifting my focus and giving thanks for everything I did have, my list of plenty grew.

The coach suggested that all her clients exchange gratitude lists each day. Every morning I would wake up to 20-30 emails filled with all the things in our lives we were happy about. The lists would include things like, “I’m thankful for my health. I’m thankful for my cat.” Of course after a while, getting so many emails every morning, started to annoy me too. But those grouchy moments always sneak up on you!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I look forward to being reminded to say thanks again. I’m taking a step back to be positive and have gratitude for everything and everyone in my life. I’m thankful for my husband, my beautiful boy, my apartment, the new mom friends I’m making, and yes my Costco membership too. Life is amazing when you walk around wide-eyed, appreciative and focus on your gifts, both big and small.

When the day is over though, I might have to find a new Netflix show to binge on with my husband. Thanks a lot, Larry David. Have a rotten, I mean wonderful day and Thanksgiving!