I was just invited to a parent’s version of a New Year’s party. That meant we gathered at 3:30pm, let our toddlers play with toys while we chatted and snacked, cheered at 5:30pm with a sip of champagne, left before our kids had meltdowns and were in bed by 8pm. Thrilling!

But seriously, this New Year’s Eve with friends and our little boy was actually a lot of fun. We toasted with some new couple friends we recently made, who all have two-year olds, one girl and one boy. At some point during out time together, I watched our three little ones sitting in a tepee in the living room and playing, and my mind flashed ahead seeing them all grown up together. Only they were not in a cute tepee, they were in some basement drinking and smoking! Ah, then I relaxed again and came to my senses. I wonder if they will be friends through elementary and high-school, if we all continue to hang out.

I’m feeling good about 2018! My friend Andrea Syrtash reminded me that 18 is a significant number. In the Jewish religion, it presents life and luck. In the Chinese tradition, 18, which is pronounced shí bā, is also considered a lucky number because it’s similar with shì fā, which means get rich. She also mentioned to not forget that 18 is the age when people can vote and have sex, in 11 states.

So cheers to 2018! Let’s put out some good intentions this evening for the New Year. An intention is when we put out a wish, desire and goals, but we’re not attached to its outcome. We can be fine either way if it happens! Is that possible? It’s actually the best way to get what you want, spiritually speaking of course.

So may it be a year of …

  • Good health for all our friends and family.
  • Lot’s of joy and fun moments together.
  • Stress-free days and easy toddler times. Less crying and more laughing!
  • Fulfilling projects and work that we’re passionate about.
  • Lot’s of spa days with friends.
  • Lot’s of fun, date nights with our husbands.
  • Full, long nights of deep sleep, past 5am.
  • And of course, lot’s of money and sex.

And again, whether these wishes come true or not, I’ll be happy. There I said it and now I mean it! Happy New Years everyone!