Growing up I had a very different picture of what being “wealthy” meant. Back then it meant a large house, husband with a big career and paycheck, me having a nice career too, 2+ kids and maybe a couple dogs too. Oh and perfectly manicured nails and waxed body parts at all times, of course.


Somehow my life didn’t quite go in that direction. I worked the hustle and bustle of the city in corporate America during my 20’s and 30’s, climbing some ladder that was leading no where, or no where interesting.

Inside myself I knew I had to find my own way in life, so I started to make some changes. The non-corporate gods must have been listening because I was laid off, which gave me some time to explore my next move.

Instead of jumping back into another job or career, I sat on a yoga mat a few times a week to tune into what I really wanted to do and who I really was. Oh and I learned to really breathe again–somehow I forgot that essential life skill!

A few weeks later, I met my husband, a free-spirited hard working musician. My mind told me to give him a wrong number, but my heart felt he was the one for me. I decided to give him my digits and from that day on, he has been my biggest role-model. When the world told him he was crazy for wanting to be a musician, he didn’t listen. He saw “professionals” around him, like his lawyer father, who were working all day and night but were miserable. Instead he followed his gut since the age of 7 and has been playing music for fun and professionally every since.

We got married, had a baby, and value our time with our child over having a lot of money. We live in a two-bedroom apartment versus a house; I free-lance and work part time on projects I enjoy, and have made other choices that allow us the freedom to be together, as a family.

Even though I am mostly a full-time mom, finding work that I can do around my child’s schedule is a big priority.

I meet so many moms and dads who want to find their own direction too, creating freedom and their own version of prosperity. It’s not always easy, but here are some ways to create a work/life you love:

Dig Deep
Our head has a million reasons why we shouldn’t go after our dream career or way of life. Try to go deeper beyond your head, and get in touch with your true calling. That calling comes from your gut or heart, not your crazy mind. Sit still and just listen and feel for it — yoga and meditation are great tools to help you get quiet. And while you’re at it, tune out everyone else’s advice too! Your gut and deeper self knows exactly what you need to do next and isn’t going to let fear get in its way.

Explore Your Hunches
While you’re sitting still and getting quiet, what comes up for you? What have you always wanted to try or do with your life? Maybe you’ve always wanted to be an actor or business owner ever since you were young or maybe ever since a month ago? Explore every urge that feels real and right. One of those hunches will take you exactly where you need to go.

Keep at It
The fears will come up for you, but can you just watch them don’t let them cripple you. Fear will always be there, but you can move forward anyway. Also, get ready to fail too. Failing and moving on is part of the journey and how we learn our best lessons. Enjoy exploring your passions and interest and see where they take you!

While some define “success” to mean wealth and money, I’ve come to realize it’s more about happiness, joy, family and doing work you enjoy. With those elements in your life, money should follow. But if it doesn’t you’ll be so happy and fulfilled, it won’t even  matter.