This holiday week-off continues to get more exciting, well exciting on a two-year-old level. Out of the blue, a mom friend offered me three tickets this morning to Legoland. I felt like I hit the toddler lottery. Those tickets are not cheap! It was for the one day this week, we had nothing planned. See what happens when you don’t plan and let life play out? Things happen, people.

I was actually waiting to take our boy to Legoland when he got a little older and could really appreciate Legos. We have some big blocks in our house, but they don’t hold his attention yet. Though that was not the case at Legoland. He had a blast and we did too. Yes, our world now revolves around toddler fun and we are mostly cool with that.

If you didn’t know, the LEGO company is from Denmark and was started by a carpenter named Ole Kirk Christiansen, who passed away in 1958. The toy company first made only wooden toys, but in 1947 expanded to plastic toys. Plastic does get a bad wrap these days, but these little pieces are the exception since Christiansen always put quality first before anything else. Lego comes from the phrase, “leg godt,” which means to play well. We definitely played well at this place!

This place is actually called Legoland Discovery Centers, and we went to the one located at Ridge Hill, in Yonkers NY. It’s right by the TJMaxx, which I’ve been to hundreds of times but never thought to check out Legoland next door. Yes, I can be selfish when I’m in mama shopping mode and don’t judge me for it!

There are 12 Legoland Discovery Centers and the first was started in Berlin, when visitors to the Lego factory wanted to see what they could build with the tiny plastic bricks. The centers are operated and owned by Merlin Entertainments, one very smart and lucky British company.

So what was inside this joint you ask that was so exciting? First off, it was a huge, filled with different rooms and floors to explore. Spaces were filled with large animals, cars, creations and big cities all made out of Legos. There was also a fun slide my boy had to go down like 20 times. Plus a couple bigger rides and a movie theater that we didn’t check out because they were for older kids. Oh and many lego jacuzzi’s, or big ditches filled with legos you can swim in. My mind wanted to imagine a hot tub though, of course.

There was a snack bar too, for when I got hungry, since everyone else was too excited to eat. Of course there were a million other gadgets and attractions, all laced with legos that were cool too. Though, we had some of our most fun in the karaoke room, singing and dancing to the song, “Call Me Maybe.” Music, dance and karaoke will always trump Legos and toys in our family!

At the very last section, all the kids were having car races with the Lego cars they built. Or um, the cars their parents built for them. We could have spent hours there, but of course, we had to get home for our naps.

If I didn’t get those tickets, I probably would have waited at least six months to check this place out. But I’m so glad we did it now. Legoland was a special surprise and a treat! Sometimes life hands you lemons, other days it hands you Legos.