Money makes the world go around they say, but it also can stress the heck out of us! For some reason, we’re never at peace with money. We can never have enough. We may want to make money easily, without effort and time. When we have money in our accounts, we might spend it right away and then feel guilty. We dream of having money like the celebrities and CEO’s of the world. But if we had their money, would it make us happy? Don’t answer that just yet.

We all have such different financial habits. Some are big spenders, some are super frugal like I can be when I haven’t been enticed by a Facebook ad with photos of cute sweater dresses. Money is the biggest reason why couples fight and divorce. Many partners have opposite spending habits, which is not fun. My old boyfriend and I fought constantly because he spent more money than he had. Of course, now he’s a rich man who can buy anything, but that’s beside the point. Luckily, my husband is more frugal like I am!

Because I am a stay-at-home mom, our family lives on one income, mostly. There’s part of me that accepts that truth, but another part that wants to find a way to contribute financially to our home, in a non-traditional way. I want to be able to be home with my child while having a flexible job that allows me the freedom to work when I want and how often. Sounds like a dream? More and more people are finding ways to do this through our gig economy. Many stay-at-home moms will one day go back to a full-time job and be contributing soon enough!

I started working with financial advisers in my late 20’s when my family gave me a small amount of money after they sold our childhood home. The advisors helped me increase those funds a bit through some conservative investing in the market, letting the money grow over time. Of course, understanding the nitty-gritty of investing has never been my thing, but it’s been empowering to learn the basics. One of my current advisors is a great young lady named Michelle McKinnon and she hosts a fun podcast called $mart Women. Here are some tips she shares for stay-at-home moms who have financial ambitions:

Be Part of the Conversation 
Women know how to budget better and have better instincts when it comes to the market and finances because they have a long-term perspective. Men can actually be more emotional and want to get in and out of the market quick! As a stay-home-mom, you always want to be in the room where your financial decisions are being made. Whether you have a planner or not, be part of the conversation because your instincts are the best quality you can bring to the table.

Start to Plan 
Even if you can’t contribute financially to your household now, you might think about what you hope to generate in the next 5-10 years. Starting to plan your financial goals will make you feel good about yourself and give you some clarity. Start working on a plan, purpose and strategy. List all your intentions for generating income and how that might happen in a money journal. Keep writing out and describing your plan weekly, as it will constantly evolve.

Get Informed
There are so many interesting and entertaining financial magazines, newspapers and podcasts out there today. Take some time each week or each month to read and listen. Women often shy away from the financial markets because they don’t want to feel naive. Whether it’s the Wall Street Journal or podcasts like $mart Women Invest, become knowledgeable about your money so you feel empowered and ready to make financial decisions for your family.

No matter what your role or attitude is about money, don’t let it overwhelm you. Money comes and money goes. We always remain constant. No matter how much money you have, nothing is more important or more satisfying than being with your family! If you haven’t noticed most super wealthy people are pretty miserable anyway, at least that’s what I tell myself.

As a mom of a toddler, I don’t need much as long as I can be home with my boy and give him cuddles and kisses all day. Well, maybe I need those sweater dresses too. Though with a little guidance from Michelle and intentions to start paying some bills one day soon, I feel positive about those rainy and bright days to come.