Our two year sleep regression that started 8 months ago has hit a new low. Now, after around 2am our boy wakes up and cries for me every hour till morning. Even as a newborn he slept more than an hour at a time. It feels like someone put a hex on me. Maybe my mother who is mad at me?

Of course, we haven’t done any crying it out…yet. Right now I go into his room and tell him to go back to sleep after every cry. He does fall back asleep after I go in there, but an hour later he’s up again. Needless to say, I’m so freakin tired.

Yesterday I met a mom who at 18 months let her daughter cry for six hours straight one night and that did the trick. But six hours? I can’t even handle six minutes of crying. The mom explained, “She is a Scorpio and has a very strong personality.

My boy is a Scorpio too. Gulp.

Of course this morning when I finally took him out of the crib at 5:45am and was a bit of a mess, I tried to reason with him and make sense of it all.

With bloodshot eyes and scary looking hair I said, “Mommy is very tired. I asked you to please let me sleep. To not wake up and call mommy but let us sleep all night long. Why didn’t you do that?”

His response? “But I get caterpillar!”

I think he might be avoiding the issue. I let my husband sleep in and at 8:30am he took him out so I could rest.

I’m not happy about this sleep rut we are in, but I’m trying to stay calm and positive. This has to be just a phase, right? One day we will sleep through the night again? Maybe before he’s a teenager? I have a call with a sleep expert tomorrow morning and will share any tips that make sense. I’m sure her advice will involve some crying it out, and at this point we might have to shed some tears. Sleep or no sleep, we all might be shedding tears. Wish us good luck please! Please enjoy your restful night’s sleep for me and our family.