My husband went away for two-and-half days with his band last week. That’s not a terrible amount of time, right? It’s pretty doable. I can take charge and handle my toddler for that short amount of time on my own. Only, the morning before my hubby left, our boy came down with fever and was diagnosed with an ear infection. He was contagious and cranky–and suddenly we were home bound. Gulp.

We did the best we could entertaining ourselves, without overdosing on T.V. Well, we semi-overdosed. I tried to get friends to come over and visit but didn’t have the best luck. We played with toys and puzzles, listened to music and read as many books as humanly possible. He had a bunch of crying fits because he was probably bored, uncomfortable and in pain. It was a tough couple of days,

The morning my husband got back, I felt done. I was exhausted and somewhat overwhelmed. “How do single mothers do this?” I asked myself. I had assumed that once my husband walked in the door, I would finally get a break. Maybe I would be able to go out for a walk or drive, take a long nap, get a coffee or maybe even a martini. I really had no idea what I would do, I just knew I had to do something, on my own.

I guess I expected too much because that morning my husband came home and lifted our boy to give him a big and hello. The next moment, I see him carrying our boy (who is now almost 30 pounds) back down to the ground, letting out a huge moan and falling to the floor in pain. Yep, he threw out his back. The good wife in me should have felt terrible for him and helped him in anyway I could. I should have gotten him into bed and massaged his back. I should have said, “Don’t worry about it, honey! I’ll take care of our boy till you feel better.”

Yes, I wasn’t feeling like a good wife in that moment. I did however, take my boy out for that walk while my husband got into bed with a heating pad. The phrase, “Expectations are just disappointments waiting to happen.” echoed in my head. Well, right after some other words that I would rather not repeat.

Why did I think I knew how the day would play out? Why did I assume I was definitely going to get the day off? We make plans and god laughs is another fun expression. Well, someone was definitely laughing that morning. That day was a lesson. Life is constantly showing us how it’s done. We aren’t in control. If we allow and accept whatever happens during our day, we will be in so much more peace with ourselves. Of course, this isn’t always easy. Especially, when you’ve overdosed on Curious George and songs like Row Row Row Your Boat for over 48 hours.

Luckily, after 600 milligrams of Ibuprofen and some rest, my husband was feeling better by the end of the day. I finally got to get out for a moment, and opted for a foot massage over that martini. It was perfect and exactly how the day was supposed to play out. Next time, I’ll expect nothing, and be open to anything and everything instead.