Later today, we go to our two-year-old doctor’s visit. What? Did I write that correctly? Two years ago this week, I brought home a little 8 pound bundled baby boy who cried all night long unless we held him tight. Well, that was before we figured out how to properly swaddle him!

turning two years old

Now that baby is a fast-walking, scooter-riding, curly haired, loving boy, who his preschool teachers call the Mayor of his class because he says, “Hello, good morning!” to everyone around him. He has loads of personality and loves to sing and laugh all day. Some have even called him a young Milton Berle. Maybe he will have a future on the stage like his dada? I’ll try not to be a pushy mamager, I swear.

Of course, toddlerhood is not all applesauce and roses. We deal with many tears, and tantrums while hearing the word “No” at least 20 times a day. We are on the go nonstop and by 8pm, my husband and I feel like we’ve run a marathon–well more like walked a marathon. And no, we still do not really sleep through the night.

Many will call this time of the year the dreaded terrible twos. But does that apply to every child? And how did this term come about? Here are a few things I’ve learned:

  • The main reason why people call this stage the terrible twos is because these young toddlers can’t often express themselves with language, so they are left frustrated. Our little boy has pretty good language skills for his age. Yes we even taught him the word “frustrated.” But he still has tantrums when he’s tired, hungry, or can’t master a task.
  • Our preschool teacher actually doesn’t like to use the term or believe in the idea of the terrible twos. But she warn me that the age of four is really tough. Oh boy, I thought this raising a child thing was supposed to get easier!
  • According to the text books, the terrible twos happens because of a struggle between the need for dependence on adults and the desire for independence. Sounds like I still  may be facing that same struggle as an adult.
  • Some toddlers experience this stage worse than others. Other moms have told me that the age of three is pretty tough too. But I’m not worry about that yet!

No matter what happens or people say, I’m going to keep it positive and welcome his new stage of child development–even if it comes with lots of emotions! Last week we put on a great little party with a few family and friends to celebrate. We had live music, party hats, pasta, cold cuts and cake, which satisfied both young and old. Our little boy had a blast dancing, singing, laughing and pretending he was a Halloween monster. He really gets into these characters! There is no doubt that we are going to enjoy these terrific twos, especially after we get a few more naps in.

As for our doctors visit, we have our Hepatitis shot and Lead test to look forward to today. There will be some tears and yelling for sure and maybe some from mama too. Still, this is going to be our best year yet. Happy Birthday to all the two-year-olds out there and congratulations moms and dads for a job well done!