A friend told me her her son has never eaten a vegetable since the age of three. She’s tried everything but he’d rather have candy. My two-year-old might be going down that path if I don’t figure something out.

Ever since he started preschool and they started serving pretzels at snack, he acts like nothing else in the food chain matters, well except for doughnuts. He does love those veggie chips though, but let’s be real, there’s nothing veggie about them.

Now, he’s rejecting anything green, which I heard is normal. Meanwhile green is his favorite color, so none of it makes sense. I feel like little girls love their veggies. I see them sitting on their mom’s laps giggling and all happy as they eat mouth fulls of broccoli like it’s cake. Then I look over at my boy and he’s on the floor wrestling with Elmo. Hopeless.

My mother told me I was eating salad before breast milk. Well sort of. What is about that budding testosterone of a toddler that is already prone to meat, potatoes and doughnuts.

I’ve been trying to find new ways to get my toddler to like his veggies again. Here are some ideas I’m considering:

  • Drench vegetables in cheese and or butter.
  • My friend suggested buying these muffins called Garden Lites which are made with veggies. She said they are pretty tasty and they seem genius to me!
  • Hide veggies in omelettes and pesto pasta. Though my boy is so on to me, if I try to hide a piece of spinach in between pasta wheels, he complains. Still hiding greens works well in pesto sauce because their the same color.
  • Bake veggies in oatmeal cookies. Ok this one might be a bit desperate, but I’ll do what it takes.
  • Shape veggies in the shape of a face. Use cherry tomatoes for eyes, a sliced cucumber for the mouth and for hair, carrots? This might amuse your child into eating all the colorful veggies on his plate.

Toddlers have a mind of their own—especially when it comes to food. All we can do is find new and creative ways to outsmart them. And if nothing works at all, at least we’ve tried–and there’s always apple cider doughnuts for breakfast?! That was yesterday and shhh…don’t tell my husband. Now excuse me as I go chomp on some broccoli rob. It calms my nerves. Good luck, mamas!