Last night my mother-in-law was over watching our little boy and I went out, even though leaving my boy isn’t always easy to do. At the age of two, my boy is extremely attached to me. He won’t be with anyone else but me for very long, not even his own father. I mean, I’m flattered and all. I’ve never loved anyone this much, and it’s so nice to feel his love right back. But I also need breaks, and last night I took one.

My husband was out gigging so I was on my own, which was nice actually. I went out for sushi, went to a store or two, and then treated myself to a foot massage. Of course, the mommy in me had to leave my phone on during the massage. What if there was emergency? I had to be available, even if I was in the middle of some serious mommy time. I know, I’m crazy.

The mommy in me also needed to send the text to my mother-in-law that read, “If there is major crying going on, please call me and I’ll come home.” Yes, maybe I went too far at that point. Though, I didn’t hear back right away so I thought all was great. Then, 15 minutes into my foot massage, I hear my phone and check a text that says, “He wants you to come home.” The sound of a record scratching went off in my head, and I did the unthinkable. I stopped my massage to call home. Of course, the sound of my boy crying while trying to talk to me at the same time made me get dressed and head back home.

The funny truth is that I was actually getting the worst foot massage ever. The lady was actually hurting my feet with her hands. The call was the perfect excuse to end my torture, and then comfort my son. Really, I’m not lying to you, or myself! I made it home in 10-minutes and my boy was waiting for me at the door in hysterics. We embraced and kissed like we had been reunited after years. It was touching, and yes, pathetic for me too. But I’ll stop judging myself now.

Why Do Some Toddlers Have a Hard Time Detaching?

You would think that as kids get older, they would need their mommies less. But that’s not always true. Because toddlers are more aware of the world and their surroundings, they don’t want to miss out on anything, including all the fun mommy has when she goes out. They also are more aware and leery of strangers. From all I’ve read, my son’s attachment to me doesn’t sound alarming and is mostly normal. Even if it’s not typical of his friends’ behavior, it’s still something he has to go through and I accept it. I know in a year or two, I might miss those kisses and his need for me to be around.

Though I did wonder if I did something wrong to create this predicament. Don’t we all wonder if we’re doing something wrong? I thought maybe I showered him with too much love and attention. Is that even possible? Maybe I should have left him with babysitters growing up or now? Yes, I know, I should really line a few of those, ASAP.

On a positive note, my boy never shed a tear once when he went to pre-school this year at his two’s program. He seems to love his time away and as soon I drop him off he says, “Bye Bye Mommy!” and waves goodbye. When I talked to his amazing teacher about this issue she said, “It sounds like he loves his mommy!”

So I’ll take the clinginess and embrace it. I’ll accept his “neediness” and I’ll relish it. I’ll also find a better time to get a good foot massage, and I’ll turn off my ringer this time too. I promise. (wink)