We were experiencing the Bomb Cyclone yesterday and were snowed in with my toddler and husband, which means all I wanted to do was sit around and … eat. What else was there to do? Well yes, we played with legos, read books, stuck stickers all over our furniture, napped, turned our coffee table into a slide … and then we ate some more. We made sausages, hot dogs, sweet potatoes, toast, cheesy omelettes, toast, broccoli slaw — all in that order.

Of course, while I was chewing on my kid’s toast with butter and jam and taking a break to check my phone, I came across a headline on CNN.com with a link to the best-rated diets of 2018.  I had to peak.

Most the diets listed emphasized a low carb and high protein plan, which is all the rage.  According to the article, the combo creates something called “ketosis” which makes the body break down “both ingested and stored body fat into ketones, which it uses as energy.” Of course, this also can make you fatigued and light-headed. But anything to lose weight, right?

Experts also say these diets are hard to sustain and well, I could have told you that. For how long can one deny themselves a  deliciously baked lasagne or few pieces of warm non-whole-wheat bread before dinner at restaurants? It’s impossible!

The Mediterranean diet was listed as the number one diet. It consists of eating lots of vegetables, fish and of course wine. Yes, please!

Here is the list of best diets overall:

  1. DASH Diet tied with Mediterranean Diet – DASH was developed to lower blood pressure without medication, over weight loss. It’s a low salt, low-fat diet. The Mediterranean diet was inspired by the eating habits of the Greeks, Italians and Spanish. It includes olives, olive oil, vegetables, fish, some cheese, yogourt and yes, wine.
  2. The Flexitarian Diet – Mostly a vegetarian diet, with the flexibility to have that burger or steak once in a while.
  3. Weight Watchers Diet – A point system that helps you track your food intake daily.
  4. MIND Diet – Designed to prevent dementia and brain loss function, it combines the Mediterranean and DASH diet.
  5. TLC Diet – Stands for Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes and designed by the National Cholesterol Education Program to help you lose weight and lower cholesterol. It involves low saturated fat, more fiber and exercise.
  6. Volumetrics Diet – The diet gets you to fill up on a large amount of the right foods that have fewer calories but make you feel full.
  7. Mayo Clinic Diet – Designed by physicians at the Mayo Clinic and involves eating healthy and making the right lifestyle changes.
  8. Ornish Diet – Involves eating mostly plants in their natural form. Only 10% of calories come from fat.
  9. The Fertility Diet – A diet to help boost fertility, which involves eating whole grains, healthy fats and protein.

Check out the full list of 40 diets evaluated by U.S. news here.

Of course, the dirty little secret that everyone knows in their hearts is that diets don’t ever work. So why do we bother? In my humble opinion, the only thing that does work with weightloss has absolutely nothing to do with food.

I have a friend who has two older daughters who have always been overweight, especially as young adults. Not just 5-10 pounds overweight either! This is so hard for my friend who is extremely health-conscious along with her husband. They are both lean and fit and exercising weekly. She is frankly worried about her daughters’ health, which is understandable. The daughters have tried every diet possible, weight watchers, low carb, no carb, you name it.

One day I told my friend that a diet is just a band-aid, but there’s something below the surface emotionally that’s stopping her daughters from eating right. I told her not to try to fix this issue with a diet. Instead, focus on having your daughters get centered and happy. Maybe see if they might try some form of therapy, yoga and meditation? Dieting is not the issue here and will never work in the long-term.

When we are our best selves mentally, we’re more inclined to eat better. Don’t you think? I told my friend that if her daughters want to lose weight, they need to become truly content and emotionally healthy. Then they won’t want to reach for those sweets or extra servings because they are trying to fill some emotional void.

Of course, my advice went in one ear and out the other, which happens most of the time. But that won’t stop me from sharing this with all of you and thank you for listening. (wink wink)

Now, excuse me as I go make dinner. Wait, actually, I’m going to do 15 minutes of yoga and 10 minutes of meditation first so I start feeling restored and well. Then, I’ll make dinner and sit down to eat a healthy and well-portioned meal with my family. And pray for less snow too!