My husband and I have been meaning to take our little boy to the zoo for forever, and we finally did it today–only in 19 degree weather. I know, I know, we make funny decisions when we are home bound with kids. It’s our week off from school because of the holidays and we had to go somewhere. The Bronx Zoo is only 20 minutes from our home and it turns out there are many animals who actually enjoy and live in the cold. Polar bears, tigers, bison, they all run about in frigid weather. Who knew? I think the last time I went to a zoo, I was 10, so this was going to be interesting.
We drove to the zoo and when we got there, we bundled our little boy up in his stroller and prayed for the best. I put on his fleece face mask I just got from Amazon last week, and wished I had gotten one for myself. My nose felt like it was about to fall off. We thought we could park right next to one of their indoor exhibits, but no such luck. Instead, they made us walk 15 minutes to their Jungle World exhibit. Though on the way, we saw deers, buffalo and two tigers, on my! It seemed like our boy enjoyed the animals along the way, though not sure how much he could see through his mask!
Once we got to Jungle World, it felt like we were on a Tropical Island. As we started to take off our layers, I started craving a pina colada and dreaming of our Florida vacation coming up in February. The exhibit was a recreated rain forest. We walked around and saw jungle monkeys, a baby kangaroo, alligators, tropical birds, fish turtles and more. Our boy was in zoo/jungle heaven. He couldn’t get enough. At one part of the exhibit a monkey came right up the glass window where we were standing and stuck his tongue at us. My boy did the same and wouldn’t stop!
Just in case you were wondering, here are 10 animals who survive arctic cold temperatures:
1.  Arctic Fox
2. Polar Bears
3. Beluga Whale
4. Caribou — or Santa Clause’s rain deer
5. Narwhal
6. Walrus
7. Musk Ox
8. Leopard Seal
9. Arctic Hare
10. Snow Leopard — like the Mac operating system!
Not that we saw any of these animals roaming around, but maybe next time on another crazy insanely cold day.
Back to my story, we went to the Bronx Zoo on a Wednesday, which is a free day at the museum. You only have to pay for parking and the exhibit, which was 6 dollars per adult. Parking was $12. Bargain basement prices for the Bronx Zoo! Usually, free Wednesdays are packed but on a cold winter day, who would go to a zoo? Don’t ask. There were actually a few people there, but not too many.
And side note, I know many people are against the zoo because it doesn’t seem right to cage up animals, but if you’re going to go to a zoo, the Bronx Zoo has the best record for preserving and advocating for wild life. So there, I’m done.
After we were done with the Jungle Forest and my imaginary daiquiri, we were about to check out the gorillas, but we opted to head back to make our nap time. Yes, we are must nap, people. But next time, we will walk straight to meet the gorillas, hopefully on a sunny day. Or maybe next week?!
So just in case you’re in need of an adventure on a cold dead of winter, no school-day, check out the Bronx Zoo. And I’m just reading that they do birthday parties for kids and adults, with adult beverages too! This whole zoo thing is getting to be too much fun. I might have to become a member. I mean, we might have to become members, as a family.
And now I’ll leave with you with the song, “We’re Going to the Zoo” sung by the great Peter, Paul  & Mary, that we now can’t get out of our heads!